Over the next 3 years we will periodically issue calls for Secondment Projects in the ITaaU area between academic and industrial, commercial or governmental, research, application and customer focussed groups.

The financial arrangements and contracts for secondments are of necessity more complex than for the Pilot projects (LINK) but for example the Network would be able to pay the salary of an early career researcher who wanted to spend a few months in industry and contribute to travel and consumable costs for a project. For an exchange in the other direction the Network would be able to contribute to the additional overhead costs of bringing a researcher into a University from Industry (but not their salary). We expect that details will have to be negotiated for each individual secondment.

These will be projects of up to £50k (usual 80% FEC costs and EPSRC rules) to initiate collaborative research in the ITaaU area. Projects that in the sprit of DE cross the usual disciplinary boundaries (i.e. Technical and Social, ICT and Social Science, infrastructure and users etc) will be encouraged.

We hope to issue a call in October with more details.