General Information on ITaaU Workshops

We plan several types of workshops for the ITaaU Network: Community Scale Workshop / Conference, Facilitated Focussed Workshops and Sandpits, International Best Practice Exchange Workshops.

Community Scale Workshops
Following on the successful first workshop for the network organised by the DE Theme, there will be a similar major workshops / ITaaU Conference at the start and Year 2 and Year 3. This will be complemented by a final conference and media event at the end of the funding period to round up the Network+ programme.

Facilitated Focussed Workshops
There will be a series of smaller more focussed workshops, with typically 20 attendees. In subsequent years, the workshop discussion areas will be modified in the light of the larger workshops described in the preceding section. The plan is for at least 3 such workshops a year.

Some of the workshops will be more focussed around possible Pilot Project funding and will take the form of a small scale sandpit, with some of the pilot project funding reserved for ideas generated at or from the Sandpit.

International Best Practice Networking Workshops
We aim to set up a number of small international workshops & working groups to leverage international best practice (both to acquire and disseminate UK best practice) and in particular build on existing EPSRC links with India, China and Brazil as well as with EU partners and the USA Cyberinfrastructure projects. In all cases we plan to reach across academia and industry in these workshops.

Workshop Outputs

Particularly for the smaller focussed ITaaU workshops the aim will be that produce concrete results, for example a White Paper, draft proposals, books or papers. To maximise the outputs from the workshops they will be fully facilitated, with notes taken. We will employ additional expertise in the form of expert writers if that is necessary to ensure rapid production and dissemination of the resulting material and papers. Where possible we will aim to provide media friendly outputs from the workshops as well and seek to maximise the publicity in the online, radio and print media; deliberately seeking publicity as the sub-theme area has huge potential for direct relevance to the public over the next few years. View workshop outputs.